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Greetings, Harmony Valley!

By now, you have discovered a mail-out notification about the Truth-in-Taxation meeting on October 18th, 2023.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm at the Mountain Springs Water building located at 1717 S. Badger Way.  A number of you may have questions about how much your taxes will increase in 2024.  For the next month or so, the Administrative Control Board members will diligently work with the Fire Chief to ascertain just how much more money needs to be added to next year's budget for the fire department to sustain not only current levels of service but, to increase that level to meet our growing community needs.  Around the first week of October, every resident and landowner will receive a postcard in the mail detailing exactly how much of a tax increase will be levied and the specific dollar amount.    Phone calls to the fire department will not be productive since this issue is a district one exclusively.  Please be patient; all your concerns will be addressed at the meeting.  However, keep checking back with this website for updates!  Thank You!